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Adult Education Programs



i. Non modern competency based trained artisans
ii. Non Proficiency or National Certificates holder’s
iii. International students and educational Institutions
iv. Workers and trade Unions
v.  Diplomatic corps


  i. Retrace and provide them a refreshable training and rebrand them for industry consumption
  ii. Visit our artisans, list and organize interested ones in Community Artisans Groups (CAGs)
  iii. Visit small farmer holders, list and organize candidate in Small Farmer Groups (SHOFAGRO)
  iv. Identify and list suppliers of raw material and menial job workers, educate and train them in retailing, fund raising and small grant management.



Welcome To Aid Afrique

Aid Afrique Education Ghana is a non-governmental, non-religious and charity organization founded in the year 2001 with its office at Mamobi in Accra - Ghana. She is registered with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), The Registrar General Department and the Department of Social Welfare.

Vocational skills training
Food and clothing
Informal education
Community health and sensitization



i. Executive Director
ii.Gender and Children Manager
iii. Programme Coordinator
iv. Financial Secretary
v.  PRO/Communication
vi. Monitoring and Evaluation
vii. Consulting and Legal services




i. Chair
ii. Vice Chair
iii. Secretary/Reporter



1. Osu Children Fund

2. Community Stake holders

3. Oppotunity Industrilisation Centers International (OICI - Ghana)

4. Ghan AIDS Commission

5. The Commonwealth Foundation

6. Libanese Women Association

Member of European Initiatives for Local Development Network  (EILD)



  • We Are a legally registered nongovernmental organization

    A legally registered nongovernmental organization while accreditation in the process with the COTVET

    We develop the most deprived areas of the communities in the world; helping voiceless sit on decision taking tables through multicultural resources connectivity, competency based multiple languages education, youth mentoring and transfer of innovations and technical and vocational education and training; we raise fund to support trained entrepreneurs to promote career opportunity and to sustain economic growth 

    Achieve Excellence In Academics And Studies

    We have attained remarkable successes in both education and training of vulnerable and less deprived people in diverses communties in Ghana

    1,697 out of illiteracy through our literacy campaign and community mass education programmes;

     194 OVCs skilled in office skills, electricals, carpentry, textiles, masonry et cetera;

    3 youth clubs formed;

    2 CBOs nursed;

    52 OVCs food supplement, educational support, and clothes provided

    Recommandations from religious leaders, community leaders, individuals etc

  • Projects

    1. Multiple Languages Education and Literacy Campaign
    2. Youth Mentoring
    3. CB-BTIVE

    Geographical Coverages

     Local, regional and transnational in diverse communities

  • Where we work

    in the world most deprived areas of diverse communities through the Development Of the World most Deprived Areas by Women and Men (DOWDAWM)programmed

    How do we work

    in partnership with disability inclusive using dialogue and media

    WHAT PRODUCTS/RESULTS? Quality educated and skilled trained elites as SENIOR SCHOLARS